The Fifth Nordic Workshop on

System and Network Optimization for Wireless

Åre, Sweden, 2 - 4 April 2014

The EU-FP7 MESH-WISE project event at SNOW

Day 1: 15:30

- restricted session -

Di Yuan, MESH-WISE project 1st year review

Advisory Committee Session

Project Management Meeting

- workshop session -

Vangelis Angelakis, Reliable multihop wireless mesh backbone design based on FSO links

Björn Landfeldt and Antonio Franco, Cooperative systems configuration among wireless mesh nodes

Elias Tragos, The impact of interference on the performance of a wireless metropolitan multi-path multi-radio mesh network

George. Vasilakis, Wireless Mesh Networking market exploitation potential

Stefano Napoli, Heterogeneous WiFi and sensor networks: Zigbee and Bluetooth low energy architecture models for a smart city MESH-WISE scenario

Eleni Karamichali, Incentives for citizen participation in smart city applications enabled by wireless heterogeneous mesh access

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